Introducing The Eye Productions YouTube Secrets

Hello and welcome all you amazing people to my latest blog series!!!! I genuinely hope this series is here to stay. After a lot of trial and error over the last few months, I stumbled across the idea of discussing and talking in length about my YouTube video-making experience.

A lot goes into making and marketing a YouTube video. After seven months of consistently posting and uploading on YouTube and all social media platforms, I haven’t even scraped the surface of what makes a successful video. So, now you might wonder why am I even writing these blogs?

Well, having a blueprint is always helpful in navigating your way. Whether you an aspiring or current YouTuber, Digital marketing amateur or even a person who likes analyzing and educating themselves about different fields, this blog series is for you.

In every blog, I would be taking my previous week’s YouTube Video and dissecting it into four segments – Idea and planning, Execution, Marketing, and Learnings and Insights.

Idea and Planning

In this segment, I would discuss my process of producing a video right from coming up with an idea and to planning for the video. How I thought of alternative methods to cut costs and some of my visual inspirations if I have any. And also my call sheet (filming time and location scheduler).


This segment would be divided into two halves – Shoot Day and Editing

On Shoot day, I would focus on the real shoot day. I would discuss different methods used to film, any challenges I faced, and whether the filming went as per the plan as well as improvisation. I would also talk about the emotional experience and share pictures of the setup.

In editing, I would talk about the post-production experience. If it went to plan, what were the last-minute changes, Sound and copyright as well as navigating through with PowerDirector software on a Chrome OS?


Packaging is essential to sell any product but if sold to the wrong audience could be detrimental to your business. So while I want to grow my followers, I also have to focus on audience engagement as well as the conversion of followers to subscribers. So, keeping that in mind as well as my brand identity, I would plan out my posts and stories at the start of the week and tweak it a little bit as it goes.

Learnings and Insights

This is where I would not only share the screenshots of my YouTube analytics but also my social media analytics. And discuss in length what worked and what didn’t as well as what I could have done differently. I would also talk about the learnings from my pre-production (planning), production (filming day), and post-production (editing ).

And the best part of all, I would be talking at length about each of these segments on my latest podcast- The Eye Production’s YouTube secrets.

So if you haven’t already, Subscribe to my YouTube channel and My Latest Podcast, tie your seat belt, and get ready to take off. I know the pilot is inexperienced but trust me this flight ain’t gonna crash.

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