Key Takeaways of ESCAPE ROOM

Before you read this blog, I’d request you to check out my latest YouTube video to understand what I am talking about below.

This week I released part 2 of the escape room. It was basically for the people who opted to save John by choosing the yes option. The whole concept of keeping people waiting for two weeks for part two of the video was a bad idea. The enthusiasm of most of the viewers wore off and for the people who stumbled across part 1 of the escape room. As it was not an episodic video but rather a game with a choices kind of video, the instant gratification of the audience would want to know what happens next in the very moment.

So my first takeaway of the video was plain and simple. If you want to succeed, in this concept, you need to publish all the videos in one go. It is better to post a series of videos in one go even if that means posting once a month on YouTube.

The other thing I realized was the importance of background scores. With the right background score at the right moment, one can completely manipulate the scene. You can make a simple house seem dingy and add an eerie effect through creepy sound effects. One of the most underrated things in filmmaking is sound and sound design. Had I not added those particular tracks, the video wouldn’t have been as impactful.

Another thing I realized during the edit was, not everything can be fixed in the edit. I was editing certain clips together and found that certain shots had my room door open in the background and to cut that off, I had to delete some really good footage. So focusing on the background, external sounds, etc is key during the shoot or else you would have to part with some really good footage.

My next takeaway would be that color grading is actually not as hard as it seems. All my life I actually believed that it is extremely hard to color grade but with a little experiment and new under friendly technology, almost anything is possible. I used that for my latest video and it paid off. Just dim the brightness and reduce the exposure.

The fifth lesson I learned was the importance of a crew. I know I talked about how a crew is important in the previous blog but honestly, I kid you not it reduced the stress I would have otherwise put on myself, and instead focused on quality.

And lastly, anything you can imagine can be created. Just imagine it and with the right mindset, you can probably create a new form of content.

Anyway, that’s all folks for this week’s blogs. Don’t forget to check out the video and the podcast where I discuss the filmmaking process with the actor and the cinematographer. It is one insightful conversation if you are into filmmaking, content creation, or anything around those lines.

Till then take care and see you very soon with a new exciting behind-the-scenes blog.

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