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Hello and welcome to my latest blog series. I am Naina Bajaj, a Youtuber, a Blogger and a Podcaster. With a degree in filmmaking and a wild imagination, I try to execute creative and complicated ideas with a minimum to no budget. I have been posting videos on YouTube for almost a year now and have learned a lot during my journey. Each video has taught me something and I feel each person deserves to have access to the knowledge and avoid the mistakes I made. So without further ado let’s dive into this week’s video.

MAKE-UP THERAPY, isn’t it cliche?

By the name of the title, the video sounds pretty cliche. What you would imagine is a girl/boy basically applying artistic make-up on themselves or either a make-up tutorial. And honestly, this concept would totally work if this was a makeup channel but, The Eye Productions specializes in skits with unique concepts. So, it got me wondering, what if makeup products went to therapy? What would they discuss? How would the setup look like? And there the idea of Makeup Therapy was born (therapy for makeup products)

Dipped in LINER INK (The script)

The scriptwriting was hard and easy at the same time. My sister and I first bought some googly eyes and stuck them on all the characters. Once all the eyes were stuck, the characters started coming to life. We decided to write the script in a way where the in-animate characters resemble real-life people.

Most of the stories begin with an introduction of a new character so that the audience enters this new situation through the eyes of this person. That was Compact my story. I assigned the blush, role of the therapist and the person who guides compact on her first day.

After which I wrote down different problems that people face and accordingly assembled the makeup products to fit the role. Concealer and Foundation play a couple as they are co-dependent. Kajal, Liner, and Mascara are in a complicated relationship as people either pair liner with Kajal or Mascara with Kajal. The old eye shadow is delusional about being wanted as he has been replaced by the new eye shadow. The new eyeshadow is in an unhealthy relationship with the matt lip liquid. The two lipsticks are of two distinctive shades, one being the classic red and the other being a funky black, and voice their opinions on wishing to be the other. Just like we do in real life where the grass is always greener on the other side.Once all the situation was set, I scribbled something roughly and went to film them.

LOCATION? All aboard the makeup table

The table was cleared and the make-up products a.k.a the characters were set. I set the fairy lights as the main source of light. The charters were gathered around as they do in therapy. I set the camera in front of the products and filmed while my sister did the puppeteering. The complications occurred when I was reading from my half-written script and also handling the camera. The whole cinematography began to fall apart. The lighting later proved to be insufficient but it was too late.

Had I checked the footage after every shot and prewritten the script and the shot list, the video would have been much better. So, after an exhausting multi-task, the filming was completed and the footage was transferred to the edit. 

TO write is HUMAN, but to edit is DIVINE

And it reigns true, it was the edit that would salvage my video. I re-wrote the script and injected a lot of references in the script and the script was much better. I muted my audio from the footage and asked my friends and family to do a voice-over for each character.

As I was getting voice notes from all around the world, I couldn’t direct everyone as to what pace they should speak at. Because of which I had to not only re-edit the video footage but also repeat certain footage.

NOTE: Get the audio first – film the characters later

After collecting the audio recordings from everyone, I decided to play the piano for the video but that changed once I assembled the audio clips, I added a lot of sounds from my audio archives to give life to the video.

As for the visuals, the entire video was filmed from one location with minimum zooms. Because of which I had to zoom a lot in the edit and as you know that pixelates the footage so it all comes down to planning the shot list properly in advance. And note – just don’t enlarge the footage.

The BEAUTY is on the OUTSIDE

The packaging is what sells the product so if we want people the click on the thumbnail, make it appealing, and get people inquisitive. Also, a decent title helps in increasing the click-through ratio.

As for the marketing, I haven’t done much this time but I’m planning to click pictures of the makeup products for Instagram and not only share my BTS video but also this blog and a podcast which talks about the video-making process. I also hope the tags I used would work driving more traction.

How DID the VIDEO do?

It’s too early to do that so if you want to know how this video did or have any questions, DM me on Instagram and hope you check out this video and my podcast where I discuss the BTS of each video in length.

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