Updated: Oct 15, 2021

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Hello and welcome to my latest blog series. I am Naina Bajaj, a Youtuber, a Blogger and a Podcaster. With a degree in filmmaking and a wild imagination, I try to execute creative and complicated ideas with a minimum to no budget. I have been posting videos on YouTube for almost a year now and have learned a lot during my journey. Each video has taught me something and I feel each person deserves to have access to the knowledge and avoid the mistakes I made. So, there it is, a perfect blog and podcast that discuss the entire process of how made each video.

STEP 1- The Idea

It all begins with an idea. Everything you see has once been a figment of one’s imagination. This video was inspired by Steve Job’s iconic 2007 launch of the first iPhone and chat I once had with a few of my Uni mates about a night-out remedy. It started off as a joke – what if we had an app that could block all our exes when we go drinking. For them, it was just momentary laughter but for me, it was a breakthrough, a concept with more ideas on to create the perfect video.

STEP 2 – The Script

The Script was a mix of Steve Job’s presentation and improvisations. I learned the first few lines and created a guideline for the rest of the presentation so that it would seem natural. Considering I was really passionate about it, I knew it would work. It was easy writing the script as the entire skit required me to stand in one place delivering the presentation. I wanted to inject some light humor and make it relatable. The humor relied mainly on relatability because each person who has been on a night out once and got drunk could understand.

STEP 3 – The Filming

The whole video was recorded in my living room. I set my couch to be a pretend stage and arranged the green screen behind me for the PPT. The lights I used were two warm L.E.D bulbs strapped on tripods. The reason I wanted the couch was to actually feel like I was on the stage, the ground would have done just fine but the couch did help out with feeling.

The camera was set up a few meters from the couch to replicate the media and the camera was set up in an actual auditorium.

STEP 4 – The Edit

The edit was both a boon and a nightmare. The edit was the main pillar for this entire video. The important job of the edit was to cut out the unnecessary fluff. Considering I wasn’t going by script, the footage was extremely long and the things I talked about were redundant. The entire jokes were dependant on the visuals in the background so the plan was to create some of the graphics for the background on Canva and search for the others on Adobe Shutter Stock. The Chroma Key helped clear out the green screen revealing the art/ visuals layer behind it.

The video was to give a feeling of being in an auditorium with a massive crowd so I edited the audio by adding more reverb and adding additional prerecorded audience reaction tracks. Not only did it add to the vibe but it also added to the humor.

Honestly, following the three-step process did expedite the process. One – with the entire video with the green screen on, two – clear and add the visuals, and three – add the backing audio.

STEP 5 – Upload it and market it

This is where all the hard work pays off. I first uploaded the video on YouTube and added the description, suitable tags, and thumbnail. After that, I derived the link and shared it on my link tree, Instagram description with a mandatory link in the BIO story, FaceBook share, Linked In with BTS footage, and on Twitter and even to a few on WhatsApp.

I would be sharing a BTS video on my Instagram Page and now the blog and podcast are going to complete the marketing for this video.

STEP 6 – Check Analytics

It’s too early to do that so if you want to know how this video did or have any questions, DM me on Instagram and hope you check out this video and my podcast where I discuss the BTS of each video in length.

Anyway, that’s it for this week, gonna get cranking on my next week’s script.

Have a great day, take care and see you for my next blog.

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