The Making of Brozoned

*ATTENTION* I would recommend watching the video before reading this blog.

Last week, the concept of BROZONED tickled my fancy. I was searching for festivals and popular events for the coming months to increase my SEO on YouTube and found out that Rakshabandhan, an Indian festival celebrating the bond between a brother and sister fell on that Sunday. I knew I had to make a fun video encompassing it so I began brainstorming. While doing so, I was reminded of a video made by TVF India that I watched eight years ago titled Ek Thi Behen. I took that video as my base inspiration and began working on a script.

The concept encapsulated every boy’s nightmare, being bro zoned. This is a story of a boy trying to protect another boy from getting brozoned by this girl. This would have a thriller trailer effect and use sound design as an important factor to narrate the story.

Once, I was done writing the script, I separated the scenes and scheduled them for different days. On the first day, I took my father’s help for the car scene. I asked him to play the role of the other guy. The original plan was for me to play all the roles but having someone else share the responsibility of that scene immensely reduced my work.

The next day, I took the help of my house help to play the role of the girl. That as well helped in decreasing my workload and added a bit of flavor to my video. As for the other scenes, I relied on the tripod for recording all the shots and used handheld to record the Point of View Shots.

Once I was done filming, I looked for the perfect background score for the video. After not finding a suitable royalty-free and copyright-free sound, I decided to download a few and edit parts of each track into the video. During the edit, I also took the liberty to add a tint of yellow at the start and a tint of a black through out the video to signify the darkness.

The edit was a smooth process and I did not deal with any hiccups and editing each scene separately and adding them together on the final track did reduce complications.

As for the artwork, I used good old CANVA to create my design and replaced the top of the Rakhi with a broken heart to imply the pain caused to the guy being bro zoned by the girl he likes. I also put the text in bold so that people could read the name.

In short, this video would have been more complicated to execute had it not been for the external help that I received. I also learned that we need to have spare SD cards in case of emergency and a video hook needs to be extremely intriguing as the analytics revealed a lot of people clicked away right at the start of the video.

That’s all for this blog and I would be talking at length about each of these segments on my latest podcast- The Eye Production’s YouTube secrets. 

So if you haven’t already, Subscribe to my YouTube channel and My Latest Podcast, tie your seat belt, and get ready to take off. I know the pilot is inexperienced but trust me this flight ain’t gonna crash.

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